FORS 2319: Dendrology

Dendrology is part of the core coursework for all forestry majors. In dendrology stu­dents learn to identify common trees of East Texas and are introduced to tree species from around the country and the world.

This course is divided into lec­ture and lab. In lecture, stu­dents learn the taxonomy, morphology, and diversity of tree species, while in lab the focus is on field identification. Students use leaves, bark, twigs, fruits, flowers, cones, form, and habitat to identify trees while also learning interesting facts and wild­life values for approximately 150 East Texas tree species. A leaf collection allows students to demonstrate their identification skills and create their own reference material for future use. They also learn common non-native urban and invasive tree species found in Texas, as well as some of the challenges and problems these species present to land managers. Students research tree species from other North American regions by preparing and delivering a presentation to their peers.

Upon completion of this course, students know how to use a variety of online and print resources to identify almost any woody plant spe­cies, and have their own knowl­edge of East Texas plants.

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